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We often hold on to stories, behaviours, memories from friends, family, colleagues, people who are alive and even from those who left us. We are holding on in our hearts anger and resentment about events that have happened, about events of the past.


This 43-minute guided master meditation was created to help  you create and nurture a resourceful state of mind  through a step by step forgiveness process that will enable you to forgive & birth new happy and healthy relationships with self and others that will undoubtedly lead you to new empowered choices, new experiences, new feelings, new thoughts and a new reality.


The purpose of this meditation is to learn and practice regularly the forgiveness process, do it with an open heart and be ready to let go.

Run Time: 43 minutes


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Forgiveness is the power to completely give. Yes give fully and completely your heart a chance to breathe again truly and be freed from the unnecessary shadows that it has been holding on for days, weeks, months and in some cases for years.


Forgiveness it is giving clarity and instructions to your heart so it starts beating with a clear sound and with a new rhythm, a rhythm that resonates with generosity, compassion and sympathy.

Forgiveness is the power to enlighten your heart and give it more space for more love and more meaningful connections.


Do we want to be defined by our vision of the past or do we want to be defined by the hopes of the future?


Do we want to hold on tight to those negative emotions that are squeezing and impacting our state of mind for something that happened, or do we want to allow ourselves to let go, surrender and accept that we and others are doing the best we can with the resources that we have?


Do we want to keep those filters that are showing us only the reality that we are used to and familiar with?


Or do we want to remove those filters, see life through different lenses, step out of our confront zone to forgive, grow and evolve?


You could be holding on about something or someone and realize that the only person it is not serving might be you.

Whoever you are having a hard time forgiving including yourself has most probably forgotten, or never realized the pain they might have done to you or others.


Not forgiving is only instructing your self to stick to your old behaviors and the old version of you that want to be right. Does it matter whether we are right or wrong when we know that it is all a question of perspective and that each has the right to believe they are right or wrong? What matters is not to give a situation a meaning that affect your wellbeing leading you sometimes to stay in a dead end.


Not forgiving is keeping those negative thoughts emotions flowing in your body and mind and seeing it radiate out to your environment so much so that you holding to those will only contribute to creating a constant negative energy that will not serve you or your surroundings.


Forgiving is giving yourself a chance to lessen, ease and see disappear the burden you are carrying in your heart and all over your body and mind and therefore keen your physical and emotional body/mind healthy.


Get ready to forgive for your own wellbeing.


The Forgiveness Process

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